Towngate Theatre

2118 Market St.
Wheeling, WV
Ohio County
Towngate Theatre on Facebook

Built in 1850 as the Zion Lutheran Church, the building was acquired by the Oglebay Institute in 1969 for use as a community theatre. The two story Gothic, Greek, and Italianate Revival style structure has a façade with a central tower and large Gothic Revival windows. Early renovations involved removing pews from the nave and replacing them with theatre seats from an area movie house. A stage replaced the altar area and the church’s balcony became a lighting booth. Since then, the building has been upgraded and refurbished with particular care to preserve its architectural integrity. The Towngate Theatre seats 166 and operates year-round with 10 theatrical productions, 25 weekend movie screenings, 2 film festivals, and 5-6 unplugged music events. (Listed NRHP 1984)

Theatre Trail - Towngate, reused church (1)

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