Keith-Albee Theatre

925 Fourth Ave.
Huntington, WV
Cabell County


In 1928, after 14 months of construction that included 550 tons of steel, several million bricks, and “high-tech” piping and ventilation, this opulent picture palace opened as a vaudeville and movie house. Thomas Lamb, the architect, far exceeded the initial $250,000 budget – which soared to an eventual $2 million sum because of the detail throughout the grand structure. Lamb designed the theatre to seat 3,000, making it second in size at the time only to the Roxy in New York City. The theatre still retains the original Spanish evening decorative treatment on the ceiling. The interior is gradually being restored to its original “atmospheric” style. Open to the public during events and by request. (Listed NRHP 1986)

Check out the Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center’s events here and here

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