Pocahontas County Opera House

818 Third Ave.
Marlinton, WV
Pocahontas County
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Built in 1910, this Victorian building with reinforced concrete walls was the first of its kind in West Virginia. Railroad rails of steel were used to reinforce the concrete. Interior woodwork includes beadboard wainscoting and a beautiful American chestnut railing along the balcony. Locally produced plays, minstrel shows, Lyceum Courses, and solo artists were also part of its theatrical world. The Opera House was more than a performance space; it saw use as a basketball court, rollerskating rink, and religious sanctuary. After the late 1920s, the building was used as an automobile dealership and lumber storage warehouse. Now restored to its early glory, the Pocahontas County Opera House hosts a variety of performances. It is open to the public during scheduled events and is also available for private functions. (Listed NRHP 2000)

Read more about the history of the Opera House here, and check out its events here.

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