Charleston Municipal Auditorium

224-232 Virginia St. E.
Charleston, WV
Kanawha County

The Auditorium is a monolithic concrete and steel structure completed in 1939 as a Public Works Administration (PWA) project. Designed by local architect Alphonso Wysong, the classic styling of the “Art Deco Grande Dame” has a high level of architectural integrity, enduring functionality, and affiliation with the New Deal era. As Charleston’s premier playhouse, it is a venue for musical and theatrical shows, concerts, and other performances. The Auditorium has made a substantial and lasting contribution to the area’s cultural heritage for over seven decades. Among its famous guests, President Harry Truman “gave them hell” in a campaign speech that was a live national radio broadcast on October 1, 1948. (Listed NRHP 1999)

Check out the Charleston Municipal Auditorium’s events here.


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